Crochet Yip Yips – Free Crochet Pattern

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I found a pattern through a crochet Facebook group for Yip Yips!

I looooooved Yip Yips on Sesame Street when growing up and as an adult just think they’re so cute.

So I of course had to make this once I saw the crochet pattern pop up on my Facebook feed with their cute googly eyes. Plus it was a great addition to my growing collection of crochet plastic bag holders.

I didn’t put the tentacles on, because you know, cats. I’m pretty sure I would have a shredded Yip Yip if I had added those.

I also didn’t line the inside.

There aren’t many stores near me for fabric selection so finding something that would work on short notice was out of the question. But it works fine without the lining on the inside.

Free Crochet Pattern for Crochet Yip Yips

One the turquoise one I used the Bernat Super Bulky Blanket Yarn in dark teal. The only drawback I found with this yarn is that the recommended hook size stuff seemed to blend together so I had a hard time recounting if I lost count on the bottom of the YipYip. But other than that it worked great and the YipYip really holds its form well.

On my purple one, I had some Bernat Velvet Yarn in Gray Orchid. I hadn’t used this yarn before so I wanted to try it out. While it’s super soft, it was a bit hard to work with because of how smooth it was. And it doesn’t hold form very well. As you can see my purple YipYip is one droopy YipYip.

It’s definitely a quick pattern you can crank out a couple over a weekend if you want to sit and binge something on Netflix or Amazon Prime. I binged some Stargate Atlantis and some Outlander while making these. Only at the start did I have to concentrate on counting. After you get the bottom done it’s pretty easy to just go round and round as you build up the body.

I did change it up a bit and make the body longer than the pattern recommended, I’m going to use them to hold plastic bags waiting to get taken back to the store for recycling so I needed a bit more room.

The pattern for crochet Yip Yips, is designed by Carissa Browning, and is totally free and available for download in PDF from on Ravelry.

You can grab the pattern on Ravelry here.
Crochet YipYips - Free Crochet Pattern

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