Easy To Grow Vegetables For New Gardeners

Easy to Grow Vegetables for New Gardeners

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When you start your first garden you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with crops that will keep you from enjoying your garden. Make sure you plant easy to grow vegetables as you start your new adventures in gardening.


Cucumbers are and easy vegetable to grow in your garden and mainly just need watering with nothing too special.

Cucumbers can be planted in the ground or in a container. No matter how you choose to plant them, make sure they have well drained soil.

They are a vine vegetable plant, so make sure the vine has a place to climb like a trellis. Last year I used a small metal trellis about 2 feet high. This year we are re-purposing our old deck railings as 4 feet tall trellis which will give it a cool unique look in the garden.

You should not plant your cucumbers until after the last spring frost, as they are a warm weather vegetable crop.


Lettuce is a great easy to grow vegetable for new gardeners. It’s really fast too, which is awesome for new gardeners who want to see some results right away.

There are varieties of lettuce that can take cold and heat and can actually be grown year round in most areas.

You want to make sure that it gets enough water and that it is shaded from the heat during midsummer days.

Green Beans

Green Beans are a simple crop to start from seed.

And they grow well with just water.

There are two types of green beans that are super easy to grow, pole beans and bush beans.

If you choose to go with pole beans you will need to have a trellis for them to grow up on. The bush beans on the other hand need about 2 feet of room to spread out as they grow, but you won’t need to have anything special to support them.


Tomatoes are one of the most popular plants that anyone will gravitate towards when growing vegetables at home.

Home grown tomatoes taste 500% better than store bought, so they are always worth any effort you put into growing them.

There are tons of varieties of tomatoes you can choose from if you are wanting to plant these for your home garden. You can get anything from tiny little grape tomatoes to huge beef steak tomatoes. If you want purple tomatoes or yellow tomatoes, you can get that too.

Make sure not to plant your tomatoes with your peppers, this can lead to cross pollination by bees resulting in loss of flavor.


Zucchini is an easy to grow vegetable that’s great for any garden.

They do need to be planted early to get a harvest from them before mildew occurs in the fall.

You also won’t need very many zucchini plants because they will produce like crazy.

Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers are a great vegetable for beginner gardeners to grow easily.

They are another crop to make sure not to plant until after the last frost because they prefer warm weather.

When you want to plant bell peppers you want to make sure they are planted 4 to 6 inches apart, with soil that is well drained. You will also need to make sure you plant them where they will be in direct sunlight.

Make sure not to plant your bell peppers with your tomatoes. As mentioned above this can lead to cross pollination by bees resulting in loss of flavor.


Carrots are an easy to grow root vegetable.

If you want to decrease the growing time for carrots just choose a short variety of carrot.

When you see the tops of the carrots starting to pop up through the soil, then they are ready to be harvested.


Beets are an easier root vegetable to grow than carrots.

You will need to do some thinning if you choose to grow beets in your vegetable garden.

You can use the beet greens raw in salads too.


Of all the onions, green onions are the easiest to grow. They can also be a cost saver, as you can buy some from the grocery store, use it up and plant the bulb to grow more.

Onions are a very versatile crop that can be planted almost anywhere in the garden, they are not that picky of a plant. Just make sure they have well drained soil.


Potatoes are a super easy crop for new gardeners.

Once you plant these you only need to make sure to keep things like voles and other critters away from them.

They don’t need much are other than watering.

Another great bonus is you can start these from some of the potatoes you forgot about in the pantry and are shriveled up and growing things out of their sides. Just throw them in the dirt, cover them with dirt, and water them. Soon you’ll have more potatoes that are fresh and yummy.


Kind of like potatoes, garlic is another plant it and forget it crop. And what doesn’t make better easy to grow vegetables than being able to plant it and forget it?

This plant is only bothered by a few pests and diseases and grow good in regular soil.

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