Etsy Cross Stitch Pattern Finds of the Week

Etsy Cross Stitch Pattern Finds of the Week

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There are so many beautiful cross stitch patterns available on Etsy. I figured I would start featuring some of the gems I find each week.

This week I found some beauties that have fun spring vibes and nice bright colors. Spring has been elusive here in Virginia. We get a taste of it and bam it’s frost on the ground in a few days. So I need some spring cross stitch patterns to make me feel that spring feeling.

These cross stitch patterns will be beautiful hanging on anyone’s wall.


Sakura Japanese Geisha Cross Stitch

This is Sakura from Autumn Lane Stitchery.

After seeing this on Bendy Stitchy‘s Flosstube I had to order it for myself. This one will be my next start for sure.

I absolutely love geisha cross stitch patterns, and have quite the collection going so adding one more is totally needed 🙂 More is always better right?

Geisha Spring

Geisha Spring, Japanese Geisha Counted Cross Stitch Pattern.

This is Geisha Spring from LoLaLotta Shop.

After I finish Sakura I’m going to grab this one up. Again more geisha patterns the better.

Purple Spring Talisman

Purple Spring Talisman Counted Cross Stitch Pattern

This is Purple Spring Talisman from Made For You Stitch.

I just love the bright colors of this cross stitch pattern. It’s so eye catching.

Rainbow Unicorns

Rainbow Unicorns Cross Stitch Pattern

This is Rainbow Unicorns from LoLaLotta Shop on Etsy.

I mean, Unicorns and bright rainbow colors? Who wouldn’t love that?

This cross stitch pattern is definitely going to find it’s way into my stash soon.

Time of Spring

Time of Spring Cross Stitch Pattern

This is Time of Spring from Cute Patterns By Maria

This cross stitch pattern has been waiting in my stash for me to stitch, and I can’t wait to get it done.

The detail is just amazing on this pattern.

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Spring Vibes Cross Stitch Patterns

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