How to Make a Double Triple Crochet Stitch

Double Triple Crochet Stitch

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The Double Triple Crochet Sitch is also commonly called the Double Treble Crochet Stitch, both terms being US crochet terms.

I like to think of the Double Triple Crochet stitch as a quadruple crochet or an extended triple crochet. Basically, it’s a triple crochet with another yarn over in the initial start of the stitch.

Our Free Crochet Patterns Using the Double Triple Crochet Stitch:

Abbreviation for Double Triple Crochet Stitch

On crochet patterns, the Double Tripple Crochet Stitch will be abbreviated as dtr.

Video Tutorial

Step By Step Guide On How To Make A Double Triple Crochet Stitch With Pictures

Step 1.) Yarn over 3 times on your hook when starting the stitch.

Double Triple Crochet Stitch - Yarn over 3 times

Step 2.) Insert your hook into the stitch your putting your double triple crochet in and yarn over again.

Double Triple Crochet Stitch - insert hook into stitch and yarn over

Step 3.) Pull up a loop through the stitch. You will have 5 loops on the hook at this point.

Double Triple Crochet Stitch - pull up a loop through the stitch

Step 4.) Yarn over and pull up through 2 loops. Do this 3 times total until only one loop is left on the hook.

Double Triple Crochet Stitch - yarn over and pull through 2 loops, repeat until only one loop is left on hook

You have now completed a Double Triple Crochet Stitch.

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