How To Add Fringe To A Crochet Scarf The Easy Way

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Sometimes fringe on the end of a scarf can be the difference between meh and perfection. Below I’ll show you the easy way that I add fringe to a crochet scarf when I want to add that extra touch to my finished scarf. There is also a video tutorial if you prefer that over written tutorials.

The best part of adding fringe to your scarf is that it can be personalized. How you want this to look is all up to you. You can have fringe that is short, long, thick, or thin.

Fringe on the End of a Crocheted Scarf

Adding Fringe To A Crochet Scarf With The Wrap Method

The easiest way I’ve found to add fringe to my crocheted scarves is to use the wrapping method. This is where you take yarn and wrap it around an object then cut the bottom side of the wrapped yarn to get the strands you will be using in the piece of fringe.

To do this I find an object that is about the size (width or height) of the fringe that I want on the ends of the scarf. This can be a piece of cardboard, something such as a CD or DVD case, or even a thin book. When picking out this object, just keep in mind that the fringe on the finished project will be about an inch shorter than what you’re using to wrap with.

Things You Need to Decide

Length Of Your Fringe

When making fringe you will want to decide how long you want your fringe to be. It can be any length you would like, from just a few inches long to over a foot long.

This will be important with picking out the object you use to wrap the yarn with.

Number Of Strands In Each Piece of Fringe

Just like the length, you can pick out any number you would like. It will need to be at least 2 strands and be an even number, but beyond that, the choice is entirely up to you.

The number of strands that you choose will determine how thick the fringe will look.


Spacing, like everything else here, is all up to you. You can have a piece of fringe in each stitch, you can do one in every other stitch, or even have them 3 or 4 stitches apart.

It all depends on the look that you want. Most often if you have a smaller number of strands in each piece of fringe, then you will want them closer together. And if you have a higher number of strands in each piece you will want them further apart. But this isn’t a hard set rule, you can do whatever you would like.

Things You Need to Make Fringe Using The Wrap Method

A pair of small scissors, a crochet hook, yarn, and a piece of cardboard
  • A Crochet Hook
  • A Pair of Scissors
  • Yarn
  • Something to Wrap The Yarn Around

Tips On Adding Fringe

Make sure when attaching the fringe to your scarf end that you are doing each piece from the same direction. This way the “knot” will always be uniform across the scarf.

When picking out an object to wrap your yarn around, about an inch of length will be lost once the fringe is attached.

If you are using an object with some thickness, such as a book, you will want to add in the thickness amount to determine the length of the yarn strands.

Video Tutorial on How To Add Fringe

How To Add Fringe To A Crochet Scarf With The Wrap Method


  1. Determine the number of strands that you want in each piece of yarn. Divide that number by 2, and that is how many strands of yarn you will need to make your fringe.
  2. Determine how long you want your fringe to be.
  3. Find something that is thin and about 1 inch longer than the length you want your fringe. Example: For 4" fringe I used a piece of cardboard that was 5" wide to wrap the yarn around. (You will lose about 1" in length once the fringe is attached)
  4. Starting with one end of your yarn held at the bottom of your cardboard (or other item you are using wrap the yarn around the object until you have the number you came up with in Step 1 showing on the front of the object. Example: for 8 stranded fringe, you will want to see 4 strands of yarn on the object you are wrapping around 4 Strands of Yarn showing on the front side of a piece of cardboard
  5. Take your scissors and cut the long piece of yarn that you have wrapped and is on the back side of the board on the bottom. And then cut through the wrapped yarn along the bottom. Cutting the yarn strands along the bottom when wrapping yarn to make fringe.
  6. Remove the yarn from the board. Try to make the strands even end to end and then fold them in half.Fold the strands of yarn in half
  7. Insert your crochet hook into a stitch on the scarf end and pull through the loop of the folded fringe. Remove the hook and then with your fingers pull the loose ends of the fringe through the loop. Start attaching the fringe piece to the scarf end by pulling the loop through a stitch and then pulling the loose ends through that loop.
  8. Secure the fringe by pulling the loose ends so the loop tightens around them and is up against the end of the scarf.
  9. Repeat these steps across the scarf ends as needed.

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