A Treasure Trove of Granny Square Crochet Blanket Patterns You’ll Love

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Granny squares are the number 1 thing that comes to people’s minds when you talk about crochet and can be thought of as old-school blankets that you find on your grandparent’s couch. But they still look great when used to make just about anything.

And if you’re a crocheter that loves to make blankets but it is currently too hot to have a huge blanket across your lap as you’re working on it, then these patterns might be the solution to your problem. Many granny square blankets can be worked square by square, allowing you to only work on small parts individually and then later on connect them together. This can make granny square crochet blankets the perfect warm weather crochet blanket pattern.

What Makes Granny Square Blankets So Popular?

Granny square blankets have captivated the hearts of crocheters across generations, becoming a beloved tradition that stands the test of time. These blankets hold a special allure and remain popular for several reasons.

Nostalgic Appeal

Many people, including myself, first learned crochet by making granny squares. This can make the granny square blanket a long-lasting nostalgic project to work on. With granny squares being one of the early projects that new crocheters work on, muscle memory can be an important factor in making these blankets a great idea for something to crochet while “watching” your favorite show. (Let’s face it, as crocheters we listen to our favorite shows.)

Endless Design Possibilities

Granny square blankets can be a great way to dive into your creative side. The versatile nature of the granny square allows you to come up with an endless array of ways to assemble them and create functional household items. From traditional vintage-inspired blanket designs to modern and bold color palettes, the possibilities are endless with granny squares.

Portability and Convenience

Granny square blankets are great portable crochet projects. Many patterns use smaller squares that are later joined together. Working on individual squares allows for flexibility and portability, enabling you to craft on the go when you want.

Use of Scrap Yarn

Granny square blankets are a great solution for using up leftover yarn scraps that you have laying around. Each square can be made with small amounts of yarn, especially when using multiple colors in your square.

Granny Square Crochet Blanket Patterns

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