DIY Crochet Hanging Basket Pattern, A No Sew Crochet Pattern

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Crochet hanging baskets are a fantastic way to add a touch of handmade charm to your home decor. Not only are they a practical storage solution, but they can also serve as a beautiful decorative element that can elevate any room.

With this DIY Crochet Hanging Basket Pattern, you will learn how to create a crochet hanging basket that is not only functional but also stylish. The basket itself is 7 inches wide and 13 inches tall, and the ring that it uses to hang is another 2 inches in height.

Crochet Plant Pot Cover Pattern

I created this using the Linked Half Double Crochet Stitch, which is a modified version of the regular Half Double Crochet Stitch. If you aren’t sure how to do this stitch, that’s OK! You can find a step-by-step written guide and video tutorial for this stitch here: Linked Half Double Crochet Stitch.

Even though this is a stitch that isn’t used too often, this is still an easy level crochet project. It is created by first making a ring with a chain and then creating a durable ring to hang the basket with by working single crochets around that foundation ring. The body is then worked in the shape of a triangle directly off of the bottom of the ring. The body is then folded into thirds and the seams are stitched using single crochet, half double crochet, and slip stitches. No sewing is required to put this basket together. However if you would prefer to sew the seams together instead of using crochet stitches, that can be done as well.

2 Crochet Hanging Baskets in Brown and Ecru

DIY Crochet Hanging Basket Pattern PDF:

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Hanging Crochet Basket With Plant

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The Yarn

I used Loops & Threads Eco Cotton Yarn for this pattern, but you can use any yarn you would like. It doesn’t even need to be cotton yarn.

This yarn now appears to have been discontinued by Michaels, but there are some other options if you want something that is close to this yarn. You just need one that is cotton and polyester.


  • This crochet pattern is written in US terms.
  • The basket is worked all in one piece, the pattern is separated into 4 sections: Ring, Body, Bottom Seam, and Diagonal Front Seam.
  • Sewing is not necessary to connect seams, but you can do this as an alternative to the crochet stitches used in the pattern to join them together.
  • Yarn needles will still be needed to weave in tail ends of yarn.
  • Finished Size: 7 inches wide x 13 inches tall + 2 inches for ring
  • When working the stitches for the bottom seam, keep tension tight.


Crochet Abbreviations Used (US Terms):

DIY Crochet Hanging Basket Video Tutorial

DIY Crochet Hanging Basket Pattern:


Foundation: Ch 12, sl st to 1st chain to join in circle.

Round 1: ch 1, sc 20 times around foundation chain (not in each chain), sl st to 1st sc to join

Basket Body:

Row 1: ch 2, hdc in 1st stitch, hdc in next stitch 2 times, turn

Row 2: ch 2, Lhdc in 1st stitch 2 times, Lhdc in each of the next two stitches, turn

Rows 3 – 41 : ch 2, Lhdc in 1st stitch 2 times, * Lhdc in next stitch, repeat from * all across until last stitch, Lhdc in last stitch 2 times, turn (each of these rows should increase by 2 stitches each row)

Stitch Count for Each Row
Stitch Count for Each Row in the Basket Body

Row 42: ch 2, Lhdc in 1st stitch 2 times, * Lhdc in next stitch, repeat from * all across until last stitch, Lhdc in last stitch 2 times, DO NOT TURN

Bottom Seam:

Counting from where your hook is after finishing row 42, Place markers on stitch 28 and stitch 56:

Stitch 28 with a marker

Starting with the opposite end of the triangle from where your hook is, fold the end over to where the last stitch of the row meets up with the stitch marker closest to your crochet hook:

End of fold over stitch 28 marker

Then fold the other end (where your crochet hook is) over so that the last stitch you created in the row lines up with the stitch marker that is at the end of the fold that you just folded over:

Both end folded over
3 folds stacked and lined up view from side

If needed, turn your work to where the bottom is now facing up and you can begin a new row.

Turn basket upside down to work rows for seams

Row 43: Insert your hook into the 1st stitch of the fold closest to you, and into the stitch right before the stitch marker, and through the stitch with the stitch marker, complete a single crochet.

Working single crochet stitches through all 3 folds of the basket

Keeping tension tight, complete single crochet stitches all across the bottom of the basket by inserting your hook into the next stitch and through all three layers that you have folded.

Row 44: ch 1, turn, hdc into same stitches that you used to create the single crochets in row 43, do this all the way across, do not turn your work at the end of this row

Arrows pointing to where to work HDC stitches
Overhead view of working HDC into previous stitches that SC were worked in

Diagonal Front Seam:

Step 1: Flip the project over so that the folded parts of the envelope are facing, cut off a long tail (about 30 inches long), pull your current loop out long ways and remove your hook.

pulling working loop out long and pulling tail through to inside of basket

Step 2: Place your hook into the inside of the envelope and push it through the closest opening in the corner to your current loop. Use your hook to pull the tail that you just cut off all the way through to the inside of the envelope. Make sure not to lose your loop. Take your crochet hook and place it back into the loop.

Taking hook from inside the envelope and pushing it through the corner to bring in thread
After pulling through tail, place hook back into working loop at the bottom of the basket

Step 3: Going up the diagonal seam, sl st by pushing your hook through the first and second folds and pulling up a loop with the tail that you pulled to the inside in the previous step. Sl st evenly up the diagonal seam connecting the two front folds together, at the end of the seam tie off and weave in your ends.

Slip Stitch Evenly up seam working through the 2 top folds to connect them together

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Free crochet hanging basket pattern.

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