How to do a Half Double Crochet Slip Stitch

How to do a half double crochet slip stitch

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The Half Double Crochet Slip Stitch (abbreviation: hdc-slst) is a mix of a half double crochet stitch and a slip stitch. It is also called the Yarn Over Slip Stitch or the Half Double Slip Stitch.

This crochet stitch tutorial will show you how to complete the Half Double Crochet Slip Stitch.

This is an easy-to-do stitch, it consists of the steps: yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, pull through a loop, pull that loop through the remaining two loops. Think of this as a Half Double Crochet Stitch minus a yarn over after pulling your yarn through the stitch.

You don’t see this stitch too often in crochet patterns, but it can really look good on blankets or scarves. It adds a unique texture to your crochet project.

Our Free Crochet Patterns Using the Single Crochet Slip Stitch:

DeAnna Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern

What You Will Need to Make a Half Double Crochet Slip Stitch:

  • Yarn
  • Crochet Hook

Step By Step Guide On How To Make A Half Double Crochet Slip Stitch With Pictures

Half Double Crochet Slip Stitch

1.) Make a slip knot to get your yarn on the crochet hook:

Make a slip knot

2.) Make a chain to the desired length:

Make a chain

3.) Yarn over on your crochet hook:

Yarn over

4.) Insert your hook into the 2nd chain from the hook:

Insert hook into 2nd chain from the hook

5.) Yarn over again:

Yarn over

6.) Pull the yarn through the chain stitch on the hook and then the remaining 2 loops on the hook:

pull your yarn through all loops

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